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SC 13G
FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC filed this Form SC 13G on 02/05/2018
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          CUSIP NO. M8769Q102                    13G                               Page 7 of 13



          Charles B. Johnson and Rupert H. Johnson, Jr. (the “Principal Shareholders”) each own in

          excess of 10% of the outstanding common stock of FRI and are the principal stockholders of

          FRI.  FRI and the Principal Shareholders may be deemed to be, for purposes of Rule 13d‑3

          under the Act, the beneficial owners of securities held by persons and entities for whom

          or for which FRI subsidiaries provide investment management services.  The number of

          shares that may be deemed to be beneficially owned and the percentage of the class of

          which such shares are a part are reported in Items 9 and 11 of the cover pages for FRI and

          each of the Principal Shareholders.  FRI, the Principal Shareholders and each of the

          Investment Management Subsidiaries disclaim any pecuniary interest in any of  such

          securities.  In addition, the filing of this Schedule 13G on behalf of the Principal

          Shareholders, FRI and the FRI affiliates, as applicable, should not be construed as an

          admission that any of them is, and each  of them disclaims that it is, the beneficial

          owner, as defined in Rule 13d‑3, of any of the securities reported in this Schedule 13G.



          FRI, the Principal Shareholders, and each of the Investment Management Subsidiaries

          believe that they are not a “group” within the meaning of Rule 13d‑5 under the Act and

          that they are not otherwise required to attribute to each other the beneficial ownership

          of the securities held by any of them or by any persons or entities for whom or for which

          the Investment Management Subsidiaries provide investment management services.


                      (a)    Amount beneficially owned:


                                   70,601,691 2


                      (b)    Percent of class:




                      (c)    Number of shares as to which the person has:


                              (i)   Sole power to vote or to direct the vote


                                          Franklin Resources, Inc.:                                         0


                                          Charles B. Johnson:                                               0


                                          Rupert H. Johnson, Jr.:                                           0


                                          Templeton Global Advisors Limited:                       43,698,211


                                          Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC:                       15,672,354


                                          Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.:                     3,859,424


                                          Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited:         1,251,405


                                          Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited:           877,088


                                          Franklin Advisers, Inc.:                                    593,999


                                          Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Ltd.:                 282,495


                                          Fiduciary Trust Company International:                        8,226


                                          Templeton Asset Management Ltd.:                              7,120



                            (ii)   Shared power to vote or to direct the vote



                                          Templeton Global Advisors Limited:                          163,193


2             Includes 718,918 shares of common stock issuable on conversion of preferred stock (as

              computed under Rule 13d‑3(d)(1)(i)).