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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At Teva, we seek to align our corporate resources and expertise with relevant areas of global health and social need and conduct our business responsibly. We are dedicated to promoting health and increasing access to treatment for patients, while cultivating a culture of compliance, ethics and transparency.

Corporate Governance - Highlights

Maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance is a key factor in Teva's success. It allows us to create long-term value for our shareholders but also for all other stakeholders in our company, including employees, customers, suppliers and above all patients worldwide. Teva is committed to transparent and ethical business practices and invites you to review the principles, rules and guidelines under which we operate.

Please click here to get further acquainted with Teva's Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, and to access corporate governance policy documents.

Environmental, Social and Governance Progress Report

Our 2019 ESG Progress report demonstrates our actions to increase access to quality medicines, support our employees, protect the environment and enhance compliance, while keeping patients at the heart of what we do. Please click here for access to the full report and other ESG resources.